Where to buy magic mushrooms online:

Psyche Tea is where to buy mushrooms online. We are a trusted DC mushroom delivery and shipping service providing the finest organic, vegan, and fair-trade products enriched with the goodness of psilocybin magic mushrooms nationwide. Take your pick from our thoughtfully crafted selection of teas, microdose capsules, and dark chocolates, and have them safely delivered right to your door. If you have ever asked yourself where to buy mushrooms online, this must be the place. 

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We use only organic ingredients, biodegradable tea bags, vegan capsules, and fair trade teas and chocolates. 

How to Buy Shrooms:

Simply browse our site and add items to your cart. Proceed to checkout when you are ready to complete your order. We also accept orders by phone, text, or email!

Nationwide Shipping:

We are where to buy magic mushrooms online for all 50 states.  Free shipping on orders over $150. A secure payment link will be sent via email after checkout. 

DC Mushroom Delivery:

DC mushroom delivery is available in NW, and parts of NOVA. Deliveries are scheduled via text when your order is ready.  Buy magic mushrooms online and have them delivered the same day!

Where to buy shrooms in DC:

Our mission is to make the transformative experience of magic mushrooms more accessible, reliable, and safe with nationwide shipping and DC mushroom delivery. The simple ritual of brewing tea infused with magic mushrooms has potential therapeutic benefits, fostering personal growth, healing, resilience, and self-discovery. Please make us your trusted DC mushroom delivery and shipping service. 

How long do shrooms last?

The quantity of Magic Mushrooms you take (your dosage) affects how long shrooms last. Start with a small dose, and wait 2 hours before taking more. Most often, Magic Mushroom effects begin 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion. How long do shrooms last? Depending on the dose and the individual, shrooms can last between 3 and 6 hours. A person’s mindset, metabolism, body composition, and tolerance level affect their experience. It can be incredibly varied from person to person. People also have distinct reactions to different types of magic mushrooms. Some people find that the effects of Psilocybe cubensis are more visual and euphoric, while others find them more introspective and spiritual.