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The Penis Envy mushrooms variety of the psilocybin community is notorious. While its phallic shape may be the reason for its name, many also consider it to be a variety that stands out for its potency. In forums, you'll often read the phrase "a cube is a cube," referring to the fact that despite the many different Psilocybe cubensis varieties available, they're mostly similar. However, many consider Penis Envy mushrooms to be particularly potent, something that seems to be confirmed by the work of Oakland Hyphae and the Psilocybin Cup. This has led many mushroom enthusiasts to qualify the commonly uttered phrase "A cube is a cube… except for Penis Envy mushrooms."



The quantity of Penis Envy Mushrooms you take (your dosage) affects how long your trip will last. Start with a small dose, and wait 2 hours before taking more. Most often, Magic Mushroom effects begin 10 to 40 minutes after ingestion. Depending on the dose and the individual, they can last between 3 and 6 hours. 

* Micro: 0.25 gram
* Low: 0.25 – 1 gram
* Medium: 1 – 2 gram
* Large: 2.5 – 5 gram
* Heavy: 5 gram and more


What are penis envy mushrooms?

Penis envy mushrooms are a variety of mushrooms that contain the psychedelic compound psilocybin. Although some people report mental health benefits, like any other drug, they carry risks.

They have a swollen, rounded cap and thick stem. These mushrooms are a particularly potent variety of Psilocybe cubensis, a species of magic mushrooms.

What are penis envy mushrooms?

When someone consumes penis envy mushrooms, they may experience perceptual changes, altered thinking processes, and spiritual experiences known as a “trip.” Historically, people have used psychedelics in religious and ceremonial rituals. More recently, experts have studied their therapeutic effects. Despite their potential benefits, people should consider that penis envy mushrooms are potent substances that can cause intense experiences, both positive and negative.

Where do they grow?

Penis envy mushrooms grow best in hot, humid environments. They are more commonly grown by enthusiasts than foraged in the wild.

Types of penis envy mushroom

There are several penis envy mushroom varieties, including:

  • Albino penis envy: a slightly smaller mushroom with a deep blue–tinged cap
  • Penis envy uncut: an albino cross with caps that adhere to the stem
  • Penis envy number 6: a hybrid that produces more spores
  • Trans penis envy: a hybrid with finer stems and a milder effect than other varieties

These mushrooms contain high concentrations of the psychedelic compound psilocybin. As a result, people report that consuming these penis envy mushrooms produces intense visual and euphoric psychedelic experiences. Penis Envy mushrooms take longer to mature and do not produce many spores, so they are difficult to find and cultivate. This means they may be more expensive and harder to source than other varieties of magic mushrooms.

Penis envy mushroom effects

While the effects of magic mushroom strains vary depending on the person and dose, they typically produce feelings of euphoria, well-being, and increased creativity. Some people also report experiencing visual or auditory hallucinations. In some cases, penis envy mushrooms can induce spiritual experiences and heightened states of consciousness. For certain people, these effects are significant and provide a sense of peace and understanding. For others, they are overwhelming or scary. When someone consumes psychedelic mushrooms, the psilocybin binds to 5-HT2A serotonin receptors on the surface of nerve cells. Serotonin is the “feel good” chemical that helps regulate mood, thinking ability, perception, and sleep. Therefore, when psilocybin binds to serotonin receptors, it affects how information flows between different brain regions. This results in changes in consciousness and perception.

These changes can be positive or negative depending on the person’s mindset, expectations, and environment.

Penis Envy Mushrooms Vs. other psychedelic mushrooms

There are more than 100 species of mushrooms of the genus Psilocybe that produce psilocybin. They are found all over the world. While all these mushrooms share similar psychedelic effects, each variety produces distinctive experiences depending on its potency, chemistry, and concentration of active metabolites.

Experts classify the effects of psilocybin into four categories:

  • Perceptual: Visual and auditory hallucinations and changes in the perception of time, space, and body are common effects of psilocybin mushrooms.
  • Cognitive: Alterations in thinking and information processing may make people feel creative and insightful or confused and disorientated.
  • Emotional: Positive emotions may include feelings of euphoria, well-being, love, and connectedness. Conversely, negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, or paranoia may affect a person’s trip.
  • Ego dissolution: This refers to a sense of self-transcendence or self-forgetfulness. It can cause a feeling of oneness with the universe or a loss of the sense of individuality.

A person’s mindset, metabolism, body composition, and tolerance level affect their experience. It can be incredibly varied from person to person. People also have distinct reactions to different types of magic mushrooms. Some people find that the effects of Psilocybe cubensis are more visual and euphoric, while others find them more introspective and spiritual.

How to use them safely

If someone chooses to use penis envy mushrooms, it is important to do so safely. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Start with a low dose: It is always best to start with a low dose of penis envy mushrooms and increase gradually as desired. This allows time to gauge tolerance level, reducing the risk of negative experiences.
  • Be in a safe environment: Because penis envy mushrooms can cause changes in perception, it is important to be in a safe and comfortable environment. If a person is in an unfamiliar setting, they could get lost, hurt, or have a bad trip.
  • Avoid mixing with other substances: Mixing penis envy mushrooms with other drugs, alcohol, or medications can be harmful. Psilocybin can interact with other substances in unpredictable ways and magnify their effects.
  • Know the source: When buying penis envy mushrooms, it is crucial to source them from a reliable supplier. Some mushroom species can look similar but have very different effects.
  • Have a positive mindset: Penis envy mushrooms can amplify emotions. Therefore, if someone is feeling anxious or depressed, it could trigger a bad trip.
  • Have a “trip sitter”: This person remains sober and can provide calm and reassuring support if someone needs help while taking penis envy mushrooms.